Joey Nux vs. Christian Thorn

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The body building beast is in the house! Joey Nux is practicing his posing routine for his next show, wearing a Stars and Stripes pair of trunks. Every muscle is on point. But what Joey doesn’t know is that prankster Christian Thorn (rocking a skimpy pair of orange speedos) is behind him making fun of the muscle man! Joey catches him in the act, tells him off and begins to teach him a lesson he’s never gonna forget! 

He locks him in a bear hug and then grabs him by the throat and hoists him high in the air, making fun of his small stature and showing him what the view is like when you'retall!

Joey’s punishment is unrelenting! He tosses Christian around like ripped rag doll! He locks him up in full nelsons, scissors, reverse bearhugs and even a devastating piledriver! 

Then the big man decides to up the humiliation level with a stinkface pin, driving his beautiful booty back and forth in Christian’s face! Followed by some awesome torture racks that nearly break Christian in two! 

If this is a David vs. Goliath match, history is rewritten, because it doesn’t look good for our David: poor little Christian! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes, 6 seconds

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