Joey Nux vs. Blake Starr & Garrett Ryder

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In pro wrestling TV shows, a handicapped match just about always pits two pathetic jobbers against a brutal heel, frequently allowing both jobbers in the ring at the same time. Rarely ever do we see the jobbers do anything beyond getting their asses handed to them. More often than not, the two are left lifeless in the ring wishing they never left the locker room for the match. In the Indy circuit, handicapped matches can be totally different. 

Blake Starr is working security and is trying to get the massive muscle hunk Joey Nux to leave. It’s funny to watch skinny Blake try to take on Joey. Blake’s thighs are smaller than Joey’s arms. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: A man has to know his limitations. Blake has about as much chance of beating Blake as a field mouse has beating a snake. It simply won’t happen. Unless, of course, the field mouse gets a little added help. In comes Garrett Ryder. Garrett is much bigger than Blake, but still considerably smaller than Joey. When it’s two-on-one, most anything can happen. 

Joey is double-teamed constantly and our two smaller boys combine their efforts to try to take down this muscled beast. They manage to get his shirt pulled over his head and Blake takes of Joey’s boots and pants, revealing about the whitest pair of legs we’ve seen in a long time. Before long, all three are wrestling in their underwear. Blake and Garrett in sexy black bikinis and Joey in some seriously bright red Calvin Klein’s. Those red undies make Joey’s legs look even more white. Regardless of his bulging muscles and countless hours in the gym, he’s not able to overcome the relentless double-teaming of Blake and Garrett. It’s an embarrassing loss for Joey, to say the least. Blake, however, would be wise to take Garrett out for an expensive dinner of steak and lobster with plenty of top-shelf liquor. Had Garrett not come to Blake’s rescue, this match would have had a MUCH different ending and Blake would have most likely ended up in some serious pain. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 19 minutes, 33 seconds

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