Joey Nux vs. Austin Cooper (Cowboys)

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YIPPEE KI-YAY, LET’S RIDE!!! This match is HOT, but even more so for those who have a cowboy fetish of any kind. Say what you will, but there’s some freaking hot about a shirtless cowboy in tight jeans and boots. This match opens with sexy Austin Cooper having Blake Starr hogtied and helpless. One can only imagine what Austin has in mind for his powerless and very vulnerable victim. In walks massive muscle man, Joey Nux. Joey says, “Looks like you’ve got yourself a calf there” to which Austin replies, “Yeah, I’ve got one.” Joey asks, “You can hogtie a calf, but can you hogtie a bull?” Austin states that he has just put his hat back on and dried off his sweat, but it’s fine and he’s not afraid of a little hard work. A little hard work? Austin is from Texas and is a highly skilled wrestler with extensive mat and ring experience, but Joey is one massive rock of muscle and we are not convinced he can be hogtied. We aren’t sure what the boss had in mind with this match, but we are anxious to see what happens. 

Austin is in big trouble early in the match. Joey immediately takes control of him and is relentless in his efforts to prove he can’t be hogtied. We can think of many adjectives to describe Austin, but “jobber” isn’t one of them. He doesn’t win every match, but he wins considerably more than he loses. Joey does get Austin’s hands tied, but fails to tie his feet, allowing him to escape. Poor Blake is still hogtied in the corner continuously struggling to break free. Austin manages to take control of Joey “The Bull” Nux and puts him in some seriously painful holds. It isn’t long before the big bull finds himself tied and struggling to break free. 

Proud of his accomplishments, Austin stuff a handkerchief in the mouth of each of his victims. It isn’t long before each hogtied jobber is able to spit out the handkerchief. Austin returns and this time ties them behind their heads ensuring they won’t come out this time. Several minutes of struggling and trying to work together makes it appear as if Joey and Blake will be able to free themselves. Austin sees that Joey has managed to get one hand free and comes back into the ring. In order to ensure these boys won’t break free again, he ties their hands together. Austin definitely lost a few pounds of sweat in this match, but he clearly proved he is the superior cowboy, as well as the superior wrestler. We can see that it would be easy for him to dominate Blake, but Joey is a different story. Joey has a significant height, weight, and strength advantage over Austin, yet he still falls victim to our sexy country cowboy. We wonder just how long Blake and Joey stayed hogtied in the ring before someone came to their rescue. Would it be better to refer to them as hogtied jobbers or damsels in distress? Either way, we can title this match as “Austin’s Hogtied Bitches!” 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 20 minutes, 28 seconds

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