Joey Nux vs. Austin Adonis

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Joey Nux (6'1", 230 lbs, California)
Austin Adonis (6'0", 225 lbs, Connecticut)

Joey Nux (Austin Adonis feels almost too rugged and workaday for his name. He’s a thickly built bro with a serious expression, but none of the sculpted, youthful beauty his name implies. Hell, he looks like a tough competitor, stretching those muscles as musical theatre singers warm up in the next studio. Joey Nux, on the other hand, is Adonis all growed up. His pretty features have settled into a manly physique, and the Adonis face is now bearded. This guys just keeps getting better and better. Let’s see how he does against Austin, whose own muscular development really ain’t that far behind Joey’s!  

Muscles clash! Bods bang together, and Austin taps so fast it’s unbelievable! Hands slap and faces looks stressed as Joey searches for an opening to drop the big guy. Muscles work hard, popping into view as Joey straddles his opponent and Austin begins his trademark tactic...excessive, and slippery sweat! Ah, but Joey is notorious for sweating up a storm too!  

There’s something inspiring about seeing a cut, perfect dude like Joey rolling and gasping and struggling on the floor, even when he’s on top. Soon Joey is throwing his head back in agony, kicking his flawless legs and flexing his breathtaking pectorals as he strains to find Austin’s weakness. This match features a good mix of ground work and standing work, and both guys looks incredible covered in sweat, which makes the mats squeak with slippery wetness. 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 56 seconds

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A missed opportunity

Problem with many wrestling videos on market is bad direction.Austin has a great body to opposite Nux but his action is terrible just like he attended a mormon service before the match.Notice their chests never touch,the legs in the air are just ridiculous.Even Nux looks like he´s drunk to tape this one because he got such a weak opponent.Come on,guys,Nux is the star on your staff,give him some first class machos to battle.

one of the best

Joey is a machine. I love the NHB matches, but if Joey are equally strong opponents, then it will be a celebration of wrestling. joao is right.

Give more trouble to Nux!

Joey Nux have an awesome body, but in all his matches he toys with his opponents without almost no effort. In the future, please pit him against a more skilled westler (and equally beautifully muscled) and it will be one of the best ever!

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