Joey Nux & Max Quivers vs. Guido Genatto (Muscle4Hire)

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Guido came here to destroy lives and be a sex god. That changes when he gets a surprise attack from Max Quivers who slams a punching bag into the side of his head. Caught off guard Guido get into a tight headlock and led into the ring. Max throws Guido in the ring. An awaiting Joey nux grabs him from behind and gets Guido into a bear hug. Guido tries to resist however he is abruptly choked out by Max who then slams him to the ground. It looks like Guido came here to get his ass beat instead. That’s what being cocky gets you.

Max is the ring leader here, giving orders to Joey who is following each command. Guido is confused as to what is happening and why he was brought into this match. Unfortunately for Guido asking answers doesn’t seem to be on the agenda as Max slams his fist into Guido's midsection.

Joey effortlessly lifts the 240 pound opponent. His crotch is right up against Joey’s pecs. Joey restricts and squeezes Guido tightly. Now is the perfect opportunity for Guido to launch a counter attack to try to reclaim this match for himself. A valiant kick to Max’s chest lands a bit too lightly. The two villains jump back on the alpha-male foe.

They are not being gentle with Guido at all. Max Quivers is really giving it to him. Even though Guido has an adonis type build, but the damage is slowly adding up. Max puts Guidos head into a scissor hold. His veins are popping out of his head as he tries to resist and gasp for air. Will this two on one match ever end with Guido making a comeback or will Max and Joey just keep tossing him around like a little girls doll on the playground?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes

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