Joey Nux & Elite Eliot vs Xander

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If you love the old school handicapped pro matches where a heel destroys two jobbers, look elsewhere. If you love non-stop double-teaming, domination, punishment and abuse, this match is for you. Xander is brought into the ring with a bag over his head and his assets showing nicely in his navy trunks with white starts and red trim. Joey and Elite have on their equally revealing army trunks. Military Muscle Men Joey & Eliot have a plan and theirs is to double-team Xander. Both Joey and Elite are calling themselves Sergeant and order Xander to do a series of exercises. Elite forces Xander to say, “Sir! Yes, Sir!” Hmm, we thought military protocol reserved “Sir” for officers, not non-commissioned personnel. Then again, what do we know about military protocol? We’re wrestlers, not military. It doesn’t matter if Elite is right or not – if he and Joey were telling any of us what to say or do, we would follow orders. Speaking of orders, Elite can bark out orders as well as anyone we know and he loves to do it. 

Even in the ranks of the military, this would be considered hazing. The punishment is relentless. The verbal abuse is unbelievable. The physical domination is unreal. Joey and Elite pulled Xander’s hair so often and so hard that we are amazed he has any left. They even bring out the bag and put it over Xander’s head again and again. It has to be difficult enough to be in the ring against these two muscle mammoth’s, but to have a bag over your head must be pure torture. 

In the end, Xander has the bag put on his head a final time as they lead him out of the ring. Who knows what kind of punishment and abuse he’s in for once the cameras are turned off. This match is brutal!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 22 seconds

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Kryptonite Dude
Xander Learns to Be All He Can Be!

I wish there were more matches with Xander, especially ones in which he gets demolished and humiliated! He is handsome, cocky, and athletic; with a tatted, muscled body, dreamy hair, and wearing American flag themed wrestling briefs (who doesn't love a patriot?), he is exactly the kind of muscle boy many have fantasized about owning in the ring! While he may be lippy at times, Xander soon learns his place, which seems to be acting as a doormat for his superior opponents! Nux and Eliot show him no mercy in this match; from trash talking, to forced workouts, to repeated (and enjoyable) hair pulling, to frequently pounding his enviable abs, Xander is definitely put through the wringer from start to finish!
If you like watching a confident, good-looking hero worn down by two drill sergeant like villains, this match is for you! I wish this match were longer, and I hope Wrestler4Hire continues to make matches like this!

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