Joey Angel vs. KARN

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Joey Angel more than lives up to his name, looking like a student council member standing barefoot in a too-small singlet with that bright baby face and earnest nature. Pink clad Karn agrees to warm up with the muscular kid, who thinks he can keep up with the ringleader. 

Watch as Karn offers up a masterclass in wrestling, as Angel learns the basics. Headlock, waistlock, bodyslam...shit! Suddenly Karn finds himself under the crushing weight of Angel, who seems bigger than before when flexing his biceps and chest muscles. Karn reminds him, by way of his windpipe smashing clenched thighs, that HE is in charge. Angel’s not so sure…

It’s an interesting back-and-forth fight, as the teacher becomes the pupil, and vice versa. And Karn? Karn seems to be enjoying the ever changing domination switch that ultimately results in Angel’s peeling off that speedo and standing in the ring light, looking more man than boy. Karn is swept up in an airplane spin that symbolizes a change in superiority. It’s a surprising submission match between two athletes from very different starting points.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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