Jobe Zander vs. Jayden Mayne

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Jobe Zander looks even more yummy coming into this match wearing one of the smallest speedos I've ever seen him in. His foe for the evening is the smaller but very determined Jayden Mayne. Jayden looks sexy as ever in his bare feet and sporting a fresh haircut. He fills out his bulging speedos very well. Almost making it hard to focus on the action.

As you might expect, the seasoned pro wrestler and underground legend, Jobe dominates most of the action. Jayden takes everything the big hunk can dish out and stays in the fight all the way to the end. Lots of great closeups of the lightweight cutie suffering at the hands of the sexy older heel.

Jayden cheap shots Jobe with a move right out of his own playbook. BAM! Straight shot to the package of Zander. It's highly erotic watching the devilish villain begging on the ground clasping his nuts while the boyish Jayden is still standing.

Don't worry though. Jobe gets his own ball abuse on Jayden. What do you expect from the master of DeCROTCHery

Pure testosterone filled excitement watching these two bodies battle.  

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 25 seconds

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