Jayden Mayne vs. Zach Reno (Loser Does Chores)

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This is a very intense match! The loser of each match has to do yard chores in speedos while the winner bosses them around.
Zach Reno is in top shape and looks very confident wearing only tight fitting underwear on this hot summer day. Less experienced smooth bodied Jayden seems determined.

The dominant Zach Reno takes the first two falls but his arrogance proves to be a fault when Jayden slips on a tight cradle after a stunning reversal to a big suplex. Zach’s fantastic body struggle to break out of the hold but Jayden keeps him in the cradle slowing giving him the three count. The surprised sexy hunk lies on the mat defeated and when the babyface Jayden tries to pin him again yells out “Relax..fuck”. Now it's Jayden turn to order commands to the loser.

Zach does his chore, but playfully squirts Jayden with the garden hose. This is mistake because Jayden cheap shots Zach as he re-enters the ring for the fourth round.The match is all tied up and both men need to win the final fall.

Jayden and Zach both decide to raise the stakes on the last round by having the loser become the personal servant of the winner for the rest of the afternoon. Suddenly, you have to ask yourself, which of these hotties is destined to be a servant to the other. They both go at it with everything they got. Can't tell who's going to win. 

The victor of this battle will be lying in a lounge chair while the defeated speedo clad loser has to serve him drinks and takes care of his every wish. 

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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