Jayden Mayne vs. Colin Havok

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With lean, muscular bodies, and youthful energy in their corner, Jayden Mayne and Colin Havok ought to make for a good match. These guys are strong and meticulous in their movements, each struggling with tremendous focus to gain a submission. 

Colin is tanned, toned, and in possession of a pair of killer thighs. With a face build for smiling, and those deep-set eyes, he’s a picture of perfection both in submissive and dominant positions. He tortures Mayne by way of leg twists, sleeper holds, and back breakers. Mayne counters with a lot of submissive moaning and writhing, as Havok pulls his hair and practically twists his pale frame into a pretzel shape. 

After a lengthy class in pain management, Mayne finally finds his moment, catching Havok by surprise by leaning into his attack with a reckless aggression that leaves him open to even more pain. This rough battle features a conclusive ending with one man forced to tap.

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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