Jayden Mayne (Tickled by Christian Thorn)

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Jock Jayden Mayne is proud of his letterman’s jacket, and he had worked hard to earn it.  As the top wrestler at his college he was used to adoration and praise..  He was  also used to dominating guys on the mad with his sinewy strength and long, powerful legs.  Now Christian Thorn has Jayden tied and helpless wearing only his prized letterman jacket and a pair of wrestling speedos.  Jayden’s smart mouth gets him into trouble with Christian.  When Jayden laughs at Christian, Christian snarls at him, “I’ll give you something to laugh about.” and starts in on the wildly ticklish Jayden.  Christian starts easy with some experimental strokes to Jayden’s thighs, and the bound wrestler goes nuts!  Those legs that had been used as tools of destruction on opponents were now subjected to some skilled tickling and Jayden couldn’t stand it!
Jayden proved to be ticklish literally everywhere, and Christian took full advantage of his weakness.  Jayden’s big smooth bare feet were put in a hammerlock and tickled hard.  Christian stripped Jayden of his letterman jacket so he could get at his armpits, and these were just as ticklish as everywhere else on the dark-haired wrestler.  Christian was merciless with his fingers and his teasing of the ticklish jock. Jayden really lost it when Christian brought out some feathers and tortured those helpless legs.  Jayden begged for mercy, but Christian had none and loved putting the arrogant jock.

Total Run-time: 10 minutes, 28 seconds

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