Jaxton Wheeler vs. Z-Man

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“You’re a little hairless wonder, huh?” says Jaxton Wheeler, mocking smooth Z-Man. 

“You’ve got enough hair for the both of us,” Z-Man responds, flashing that Crest white grin. The porn prince’s package is swinging free, protruding even more than usual in his stars and stripes speedos. But it’s Z-Man’s package that takes the first beating, as it’s crushed and manhandled by expert hands. 

Z-Man responds by putting the squeeze on Wheeler’s sizable torso. Wheeler slaps that suntanned ass. Heads are trapped between massive thighs, arms are twisted beyond reason, wedgies are pulled so tight they might as well just stay up there. 

“Dammit!” curses Z-Man, clearly impressed, but not afraid. All too soon he finds himself thrown over Wheeler’s shoulders, thrown to the mat, and made the victim of a brutal foot torture from which he cannot escape. 

It’s hairy vs. smooth in this choking, gagging, ball beating, ab abusing, sweat staining, multiple submission screaming battle royale! The final close-up submission shot will take your breath away, just as it took the loser’s breath away.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes

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Oldie but a goodie!

This match is a gem. Z-man and Jaxton have an insanely hot pretty boy/bully dynamic. Jaxton penetrates Z-man's ass with some gnarly wedgies and puts him on full display for the viewers. Great choice of trunks for the both of them too. Couldn't have asked for more.

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