Jaxton Wheeler vs. Ricky Vegas (Muscle4Hire)

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Now THIS is something special!

Chances are good you’ve come across the diverse and exciting film work of porn sensation Jaxton Wheeler. Picture him with a shaggier head of hair than in this vid and you’ll have a total “aha!” moment. A quick google search will have you tumbling down the internet rabbit hole of his most excellent body of work, and his most excellent body! If you’re into big, beefy, hairy dudes who look like they stepped straight out of some Biblical epic, than you’ve certainly seen Wheeler doing his thing, and you’ll certainly see him do it again, and again, and again. Those thighs! That back! That steadfast expression! This guy was built for wrestling some mighty mammoth like himself...but I hope by now you’ve learned to expect the unexpected! 

Ricky Vegas, a friend from a local club, is this porn star’s willing opponent. A small guy with a huge heart, and a body covered in muscles, this dude’s package looks like it’s about to come bursting out of his speedos, weighing the waistline down and offering a prime view of that secret spot just below those deep cum gutters. 

Vegas explores Wheeler’s massive bod from stem to stern accompanied by the music of wrestlers suffering in the background. You can just tell he can’t wait to lock up with this mammoth man as he cups his hairy pecs and balls, worships that meaty abdomen, and massages those mouth-watering biceps. Wheeler returns the favor, his one hand practically covering Vegas’ entire midsection. Just when it seems like things are going to go someplace sweet...Vegas surprised Wheeler with a blow to the balls that sees the bigger man groveling, groaning, and fighting for his dignity. 

The rest of this match simply has to be seen to be believed, as two highly sexual individuals with very different physiques tease and tantalize one another in what can only be described as the most unique erotic fight ever filmed!

Total Run-time: 17 minutes, 20 seconds

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so hot

by far the best video on here. love the ball shots. need a pt.2

Rick Powell

Both sexy as fuck, but Ricky is unbelievable. More of both, please.

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