Jaxton Wheeler vs. Rendell Zebu

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Porn star Jaxton Wheeler has seen his fair share of problematic situations. Now just how the hell a huge dude like Wheeler manages to get taped with his arms above his head against his will is beyond me, but slim and sexy Rendell Zebu intends to take full advantage of the situation, covering Wheeler’s mammoth body with a little concoction he calls “Jesus Juice,” which renders Wheeler useless for anything but Zebu’s personal pleasure. 

“Welcome to the Fun Zone!” says Rendell, cupping Wheeler’s legendary package in his clenched fist. “Tell me you like it!” 

Hairy beefcake Wheeler writhes and contorts in Zebu’s grip, offering only the weakest resistance. Zebu responds with more of his magic juice, which allows him to move and manipulate the massive man like a lump of hairy, sexy clay. Watch as Rendell’s oiled up abs glisten in the light as he torments his prey like a particularly wicked serpent. 

The camera explores both men’s feet, crotches, asses, armpits with equal attention, in this one-sided punishment session that nobody particularly objects to. If you like seeing strong dudes manhandled and maimed, this one’s for you! 

“What are you screaming for?” asks Zebu. You’ll be screaming for more!

Total Run-time: 18 minutes, 32 seconds

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