Jaxton Wheeler vs. James Slater

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I filmed this match late one night in my apartment.

James Slater was a random Facebook find, with a sexy saunter and catlike grace. Long, lean, lightly hairy, with a youthful handsomeness and a mop of sun kissed hair...I had to see what this kid could do. Who better to match him up with than porn star supreme, mammoth Jaxton Wheeler. 

Wheeler had been showing guys like Slater a thing or two for some time, albeit in a very different setting. The initial bearhug has Slater off the floor, his big, sexy feet flailing above the mat in helpless desperation. 

Wheeler straddles him, headscissors him, nearly wrenches his arm right out of his body. Slater eats a healthy helping of Wheeler’s crotch, looking like the cat who ate the canary as Wheeler squeezes his manhood through hot red speedos. 

“What you go, little spider monkey?” dared Wheeler. Spider Monkey wraps his legs around the big man’s torso, rubbing that pretty face against the porn star’s beard. Slater’s nips are protruding as he grins up at Wheeler, daring him to put him in pain. Wheeler gets and good as he gives, as hairy abdomens are stretched out in luxurious holds, and hairy armpits are put on full display. 

It’s very apparent how much these boot-footed dudes are enjoying one another, and you’ll enjoy the super close camera angles of butts, chests, feet, and hot faces twisting in pain and pleasure.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

Customer Reviews

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Crushed by two slender spider legs

Unbelievable what Slater does to the much more muscular Wheeler. Overall, the powerhouse always seemed to dominate the fight, but Slater kept turning the tables, partly through dirty tricks. The strong Wheeler sealed his own fate when he took the cunning Slater upstairs to choke him. Slater took the opportunity to wrap his slender but strong legs around the muscleman, locking him in a body scissor I'd never seen before: it was so long and intense that Wheeler fell to his knees, groaning in agony. When that act of combat was over and the cunning child finally broke his hold, he achieved what he wanted: the bodybuilder was so weakened that Slater now had an easy game and Wheeler could finish off with ecstatic sweetness...

What little guys can do

What a ending!! Can this ever be surpassed those hot long legs and sexy bare feet!!!! Got to change my clothes from the sweat, one of your best, bring Slater back!!!!

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