Jax Brewer vs. Nick Justice

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If you’re not up on the pure magic that is Jax Brewer, then you’ve got some masterful work to enjoy. This is one powerful wrestler you’ll want to pay attention to. Not only is he an accomplished grappler who wrestles with his own unique style, but he’s also unintentionally sexy as hell. Some people just have that indescribable something, they can’t help it. Jax is one of those people. It’s a pleasure to watch him dismantle his opponents. 

Enter Nick Justice, attired in a shiny black bodysuit and shocking white boots. He might remind you of Chris Pratt from the Guardians of the Galaxy films with his looks and attitude. Could there be a better matchup? 

Both of these guys admit to being tired, but that doesn’t stop them from launching into attack mode like the brawlers they are. Justice gets Brewer in a scissorhold, which affords him ample opportunity to pluck out Brewer’s chest hair one at a time. 

Necks are crushed by knees, arms are wrenched behind backs, wrists are twisted out of shape...even fingers are brutalized in agonizing, bone-cracking punishment. Hair-pulling, ball-crushing, bull-whipping and choking, ignored tapouts! You’re not ready for the expert trash talking...some of it in a Shakespearean dialect. 

These colorful combatants mock and manhandle one another like pros, in a truly entertaining exhaustion match!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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