Jax Brewer vs. Jayden Mayne

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Barefoot grapplers having an all out brawl midring. Effortlessly charismatic Jax Brewer is in his wheelhouse, taking on an opponent that he can lavish his attention on. The evolving Brewer style seems to involve a mixture of playful grappling and all out demolition. Slim, pale Jayden Mayne may not immediately look like a match for brawny, manly Brewer, but there’s something in the way he suffers, moans, cries, and occasionally scrambles to the top that ought to inspire applause. 

Brewer, meanwhile, appears to be having a blast muscling Mayne all around the mat...crushing him with powerful shoulders, compressing him with killer thighs and hairy legs. He takes joy in tussling the lesser man’s hair and straddling him with intention to do harm to those lean arms. 

“Is that all you got?” asks Brewer. “What is that?” 

Mayne finds his momentum, managing to capture Brewer in a leglock of his own, giving the pale prince an opportunity to press down on Brewer’s stubbled face with gleeful vengeance. Brewer returns the favor with knee planted in back, arms wrenched behind head, and his favorite dominant position. 

This exhibition of strength and suffering ends in an agreeable handshake, but what precedes that noble gesture is a well-executed match between two youthful competitors with nowhere to go but up.

Total Run-time: 24 minutes

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