Jax Brewer vs. Garrett Thomas

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Looking at these two dudes standing face to face is like one of them is gazing into a distorting mirror. But which one? I mean, there are definite similarities, starting with the man buns which contain flowing locks that fall in tumbling profusion down either dude’s shoulders when unleashed. There’s a similarity in stance, posture, even in gaze. Of course Lupine Garrett Thomas towers over Brewer, who you wouldn’t think would be shorter than anybody based upon his previous matchups. The guys usually looks so big on camera. Now he’s standing in Thomas’s shadow, and it’s a cold place to be. 

Suddenly the distorting mirror is shattered, as each dude’s aggressive energy propels him forward. Pushing, shoving, circling, and taunting gets the usually cool-headed Brewer fired up. In the ropes, both men find themselves tangled in what could easily be past and future versions of themselves. Brewer finds his way to the dominant position he loves so much, locking his feet around daddy’s torso and muscling him from one end of the ring to the other in what proves to be a particularly mean-spirited floor fight complete with slaps, traps, and deeply-felt pain. 

The fuse is lit. Thomas will get his power back. Like Sampson, Thomas finds his strength when his hair falls long and loose, offering camel clutch punishment, abdominal beatings, and pins so crushing it takes everything Brewer has to bridge out of them.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 40 seconds

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