Jax Brewer vs. Brad Barnes (Jock Wars)

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Bubble-butt Jax Brewer is working out that skillful bod. Wearing some smart graphic print speedos, his bare feet flex, his sizable thighs stretch, his cut abdomen allows him to reach maximum flexibility, like some sort of hairy yoga expert. His uniquely natural musculature is an inspiration, as is his indescribable hotness that comes from simple confidence. 

Enter Brad Barnes, bigger, badder, and all too happy to introduce this hairy jock to the wonderful world of his armpit! Brewer is disgusted, but unafraid. Soon Barnes is riding Brewer’s beck like a stallion and giving that epic bubble-butt the wedgie of all wedgies. 

Next, it’s a face-full of Brad's balls for the handsome jock, then it’s a face-full of Barnes’ butt. Barnes rips one right in Brewer’s face, which had both battlers laughing between holds. 

That’s it. Brewer offers up his own armpit smothering, ass smothering, foot-in-face torture, sweat smearing, and a healthy dose of ass-slapping. That’s just the beginning. These guys get nasty!

Total Run-time: 29 minutes, 30 seconds

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