Javier The Hunk vs. Joey Nux

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It's important in any person's life to understand what your limits and abilities are.  Moreso when you make your living as a wrestler.  Over-estimate your ability and you could find yourself on the losing end of a devastating beatdown.  And so it is with Javier the Hunk.  Javier has shown that he can mix it up with individuals who are taller and heavier than he is, but in this instance, he may have gone a bit beyond his abilities.  It's one thing to go up against someone a bit taller and heavier than you, it's quite another when that person is perhaps one of the most deadly big men in the W4H stable, Joey Nux.
Joey makes it perfectly clear from the onset that he will have absolutely no problem dealing with the much smaller Javier - in fact, it is almost 10 minutes into the match before he even takes off the vest he wore to the ring.  Lifting and slamming and throwing Javier around the ring all for his pleasure, there is nothing Javier can do except to hope that he makes it in one piece to the end.  Bench pressed over Nux's head and then slammed to the mat, Javier is like a sack of potatoes to Joey - a very small sack of potatoes.
There is no denying that Javier the Hunk has wrestling skills, he has shown that in the past.  The issue becomes that Nux's onslaught is so relentless and punishing that Javier never has an instant to try and employ one of his wrestling moves.  Not being to get Joey to the mat to try and even the odds just causes Javier to be Joey's little rag doll, which he intends to play with for a while and then throw to the side once the pleasure of beating another man down wears off.  Javier is totally destroyed in this one, and although he may not have enjoyed it, I guarantee you will!
Total running time:  25 minutes, 15 seconds

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