Javier The Hunk vs. Dr. X (Sneak Attack)

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Javier the Hunk can probably best be described as a wrestling dynamo.  When he is around a ring, there is a big smile on his face, and you can tell he truly loves going one on one against an opponent that will test his skills.  So I imagine it is quite a disappointment when, as Javier is feeling out the ring, he is suddenly blindsided by Dr. X.  From the moment the maniacal Dr. uses his double axel blow to the back of Javier, it is one devastating move after another with the Dr. laughing and Javier screaming in agonizing pain, possibly wondering how it all happened so quickly.
And Dr. X spares no part of Javiers exposed body.  Slamming the back of his head against the ring post, spreading the defenseless Javier over his knee in a backbreaker and wrapping Javier's legs around the ring post in a figure four like hold as he also delivers an ab claw to the young wrestler are all on the menu.  Javier is given no reprieve or chance to recover at all, as Dr. X methodically goes after every part of Javier's body.  Arm bars give way to leg locks and then move into knee drops.  An iron claw onto the forehead of Javier also serves to further punish the young stud.
Dr. X also appears to adept at using the ring ropes to his advantage as well.  He has no problem draping Javier into the corner, exposing Javier's crotch for a well placed kick that even you the viewer will feel.   A rare heart punch drops Javier to the mat again and try as he might, he cannot escape the sadistic Dr.  We never actually get to see the of Javier's punishment as Dr. X delivers knee drop after knee drop as the pair disappear behind the curtain.  Having seen what we have seen, I can only imagine what further devastating punishment Dr. X has in store for the wrestling hunk!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  23 minutes, 12 seconds

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