Javier The Hunk vs. Dr. Maniacal (Ring)

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You would be forgiven if you looked at the opening shots of this match and thought to yourself, "Oh no!  This is not going to go well for Javier!".  Javier the Hunk is across the ring from one of the biggest wrestlers in the W4H stable- Dr. Maniacal, and it is not long before the Dr. shows just how much outweighing a person in the ring gives one an advantage.  And Maniacal does outweigh Javier - by A LOT!  Javier does his best to try and mount some kind of offense at certain points, but the weight and size odds are just not in his favor, and it appears he will be in for along night.
Dr. Maniacal makes sure that he dishes out punishment and various and sundry ways as well, from corner splashes, to body slams, to leg scissors on the mount.  All of these while making sure Javier knows exactly how futile his efforts are.  The Dr. even stands on Javier's chest at one point, and anyone who knows the size of the Dr. knows that that is not something you want to have happen, collapsed sternums and broken ribs have occurred from far less weight being thrust downward into someone's chest.
The result of this match is never in doubt, as Javier, even when he takes to the air is eventually caught off the ropes and delivered to the mat in another display of pure power.  Javier may want to to do a bit more scouting of his opponents before he signs on the dotted line, it is matches like this one that have ended many a wrestler's career.  Although he is left lying unconscious in the middle of the ring, one can only hope that Javier is around to face another opponent down the road, although I think after a substantially long recuperation period!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  19 minutes, 49 seconds

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