Javier The Hunk vs. Dr. Maniacal (Hero)

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Dr. Maniacal is at it once again.  This time, his evil plan is to flood the city, killing everyone in the process.  Step onto the scene one of our newest heroes, Javier the Hunk.  There seems to be one problem though, Javier doesn't seem to have done his homework or he would know just how difficult it is to defeat the evil Dr.  And the Dr. has fought some heroes who were rather large, and so this battle, with perhaps one of the smallest heroes he has ever faced, does not look promising for Javier.
Pulling one of his go to moves, Dr. Maniacal manages to totally humiliate Javier the Hunk by removing his mask for the world to see.  Follow that with some nipple torture and being strangled by his own cape, Javier seems to be totally out of it and left open to the Drs. every assault.  And there seems to be something much more ominous in Drs. motives this time around, he doesn't even give Javier a single moment to not only rest, but to even get a word in edgewise.
The reason for this become immediately obvious when we focus on a black casket in the background.  Taking the cover off of it, it becomes readily apparent that Dr. Maniacal intends to dump Javier into the casket and seal it, ending Javier's like as a super-hero forever.  Finally knocked completely unconscious, Javier is placed in the casked, Dr. Maniacal drives a large nail into Javier's head and from there the casket is closed, with Javier the Hunk never to be seen again.  A laughing Dr. Maniacal exclaims that the city will now be destroyed!!!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  17 minutes, 02 seconds

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Javier hot wedges

Javier is supreme sexy and cute he has a juicy hot ass need to see more of him getting wedges and kicked in the nuts also need to see him fainted in shinny tight trunks and I buy all his matches of course

Andy Trevisan BRAZIL
Supreme WEDGIE!

It's magnificent! Javier "The Hunt" is appearing as a big new name for the site. The scenes where he suffers as a bottom are super-exciting. I hope he continues to suffer a lot at the hands of his opponents and with many wedgies. He has a beautiful ass!

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