Javier The Hunk vs. Blake Starr (NHB Fights)

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Blake Starr (5'11", 164 lbs, Florida)
Javier The Hunk (5'2", 145 lbs, Florida)
There is something very pure about the NHB battles.  It is simply man against man, vying for dominance.  Any tricks or other plans you may have up your sleeve for use in a ring don't work here.  Only the person with the best Greco-Roman skill is declared the winner...and you can see who that is at any point during the match by a running tally.  So when Javier the Hunk steps onto the mat with Blake Starr, it is not about who has been in NHB longer or has amassed the wins across the various W4H disciplines, it is simply, who is the better technical wrestler.
Blake looks like he was carved from marble, a tremendous specimen of a man who obviously is familiar with the gym.  Javier, however, is small and compact, deceptive strong, and has virtually been raised on the mat.  There are several early falls which all seems to go Javier's way at the onset, but Blake has never been one to shy away from a challenge, and so he manages to put together his own comeback.  Will it be enough to defeat the may veteran Javier, or will he fall short and be just another of Javier's NHB victims?
The outcome is not determined as we reach the final moments of the bout, with both combatants being within striking distance of a victory.  If you enjoy seeing two very well built, hard bodied studs go at one another for more than 20 minutes, this video is going to be for you.  This is not the trash talking area of the W4H disciplines, here, in NHB...all the talking is done on the mat.  Some people make a louder statement than others, and some say just enough to achieve a victory.  You won't be disappointed with this outing!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 32 seconds

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