Javier The Hunk vs. Bam Bam Bossio

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Bam Bam Bossio is nothing if not confident.  As he surveys the ring, he sees across from himself the figure of Javier the Hunk, who informs Bam Bam that he is a national champion.  Not surprisingly, Bam Bam is not overly impressed.  As the two shake hands and begin their contest, it becomes immediately apparent that Bam Bam intends to use his size advantage in this bout.  When he mockingly says, "National champion, huh?", Javier informs him, "In my weight class, yeah."  When a test of strength is offered, Bam Bam uses his ability to tower over Javier to get the ring veteran down to the mat.
However, Javier understands the fact that once you get a bigger opponent on the mat, the size advantage is effectively nullified.  As the duo trades holds back and forth with arm bars and leg scissors, it is not until a bodyslam by Bam Bam that the tide appears to have turned into Bossio's favor.  A second bodyslam and Bossio is feeling his oats as Javier agonizes in pain.  Unable to help himself though, Bam Bam goes into taunt mode and when he tries to deliver a third bodyslam, Javier reverses it and delivers his pwn bodyslam to Bam Bam.  
As the two swap holds it becomes apparent that only a sustained, multiple set of devastating moves will win this evenly fought bought.  When one combatant is able to deliver a DDT, followed by a bulldog, with a pedigree and ending with a piledriver is one person able to finally claim victory and the other is left on the mat unable to get to their feet.  If you enjoy a hard fought match with lots of back and forth that will keep you on the edge of your seat until a victory virtually comes from out of nowhere, this match will check all your boxes and will be for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  25 minutes, 22 seconds

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