Javier The Hunk vs. AJ Black (Re-Match)

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AJ Black (5'8", 120 lbs, Florida)
Javier The Hunk (5'2", 145 lbs, Florida)
Javier the Hunk hasn't been around NHB for a long time, but in the time he has been here, he has shown that good things can come in small packages.  Although not the size of many of his opponents, Javier has demonstrated an incredible mat presence and almost encyclopedia knowledge of wrestling holds, something that has served him well as he is often outmatched in the height and weight departments.  Here, facing off against AJ Black, Javier displays an eagerness to get right to his task and he quickly gets AJ into a vise-like headlock, forcing the young Black to quickly tap out.
One tap out quickly becomes two tap outs, with Javier showing two of the most important factors in NHB wrestling:  1.)  Always stay on top and 2.)  Be able to lock your fingers or grab your wrist to really make a hold tough to break out of.  Javier goes even further, showing his incredible strength when he lifts AJ over his head and gets him into a back breaker, something rarely seen in a NHB match.  It quickly becomes apparent that AJ is outclassed in this bout, with little to no answers for Javier's offensive moves.
As the match progresses, the questions turns from "Who will win?" to "How much will Javier win by?"  There are many tap outs in this match, unfortunately all from AJ Black, but the delight comes not from seeing him tap out, but exactly in how many different ways will Javier execute a move to make AJ tap out?  Javier has quickly developed a fan following here in NHB, and is through matches like this one that his stock will only continue to ascend within the halls of NHB.  What Javier lacks in stature, he more than makes up for in desire and skill!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  15 minutes, 50 seconds

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