Javier The Hunk vs. AJ Black (NHB)

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AJ Black (5'8", 120 lbs, Florida)
Javier The Hunk (5'2", 145 lbs, Florida)

Poor AJ Black.  Since he arrived on the NHB scene he has had to face opponents much larger and more experienced than him and he has lost......badly.  So imagine his delight to see that he is now paired with Javier the Hunk, an experienced grappler but one whom AJ actually is a slight bit taller than.  Perhaps now will be his time to shine?  I wish I could say that were the case, but unfortunately height does not prove to be the deciding factor on the NHB mat....everyone is the same height when they are lying on the mat.
I have to hand it to AJ though, he definitely is not deterred by his lack of victories.  Even after he has tapped out (which he does repeatedly here) he comes right back at Javier giving it his all.  Javier manages to find new ways to restrict the flow of air to AJ though, leaving him no choice but to tap.  When he not gasping for air, AJ has his two legs stretched so far apart that it seems as though he is a wishbone, and Javier is about to make a wish as he cracks him in half.
There is no denying Javier's mat wrestling skill, and it is put on serious display here.  What seemed like a possible bright spot in AJ's wrestling career goes the way all of his former matches have.  Will Javier score a clean sweep and keep AJ from getting even a single fall?  Or will AJ muster up enough offense to at least put himself on the board and keep some semblance of dignity at the end of the match?  Only time will tell and you'll have to watch to find out!
Total running time:  22 minutes, 35 seconds

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More Javier please

Love matches where short muscle guys beat up their bigger opponents and Javier is a real tough guy. More of the same please!

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