Jacob Van Acker vs. Seth Borden

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Jacob Van Acker may be a pretty boy with a 90’s hero haircut, but deep down inside, he’s nothing but a nasty bully. That’s right. He’s been stealing lunch money and giving nuggies to nerds. And now pencil thin Seth Borden is going to stand up to the class bully. Both men wear tighty whities, looking both vulnerable and ready to fight. Van Acker attacks Borden’s pink nipples, then stretches him out and hoists him into the air as the taller, thinner man kicks and flails with flair.

Van Acker drives Seth into the floor, then locks his sun-kissed thighs around him, locking his bare, dirty feet until he taps. But Van Acker’s only just getting started, and a true bully doesn’t care if a victim taps. Seth finds himself being hair pulled and tortured in a figure four. He is slung over shoulders, choked, sleepered, and even stomped. Sweat begins to pool in the space between his pecs, as he is nipple abused again and again.

Nobody screams like skinny Seth, as VanAcker splits the kid in half and abuses his balls. Cradles, bearhugs, sleepers, and sweat define this session of intense bullying from two of the most beautiful young wrestlers in the bizz.

Runtime: 22 minutes, 03 seconds

*This is a custom made fantasy wrestling video. Wrestler4Hire does not condone actual bullying.

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