Jacob Van Acker vs. Ronnie Pearl (Guest Ref)

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Here’s the match that begs the question – did baby faced Jacob Van Acker piss off the folks at WrestlerForHire, or does he just really enjoy being painfully dominated and emasculated? The legendary Ronnie Pearl keeps asking the usually reliable Ref Slade Gorman, “Is this what you’re bringing me?” Van Acker tries to be affable, but Pearl is having none of it. If he’s going to have to expend the energy on Van Acker, then Van Acker is really going to suffer. 

Pearl never disappoints. He’s ripped and ready as usual and packing that red pouch. Van Acker is no slouch, and clearly hits the gym often, but he’s just a little less 6 pack. But you’ll forgive that since he looks damn sexy while suffering. From the start, Pearl is whipping that boy up, down and all around the ring. Van Acker has a lot of fight in him, so Pearl is going to beat it out of him. The other thing Pearl can be counted on for? Figuring out how to distract the ref, while he gets in some cheap shots. 

During an especially painful sitting full nelson, that transitions into a punishing body scissor, Pearl eggs Van Acker on with a, “C’mon kid, you’re making Ref look bad!” The coming surfboard won’t help the situation. Pearl is pissed at them both. So, he’ll take that anger out on Van Acker’s back, as he is slumped over the corner post trying to catch his breath. He gets some mean forearm blows in before Ref steps in. Maybe Ref is getting pissed at Van Acker? His reputation may be on the line, too, after all. Too bad for Van Acker he’s got such a great full head of hair, because it sure is a convenient way for Pearl to drag him to the perfect spot to lay his next blows. And Ref seems to be stopping the hair pulls less and less, especially in a neck cranking camel clutch where you get the full glory of the pain streaking across Van Acker’s sweet face. When Pearl gets him tied up in the lower ropes, he wraps one of his big guns around Van Acker for a suffocating chinlock, while giving us a single bicep pose with the other. Just in case anyone forgot who’s boss. 

Pearl finishes him off with an inverted deathlock, and immediately lays into Ref for bringing such an unworthy opponent. Well, that triggers Ref, who waits for Pearl to leave to get his revenge on Van Acker for embarrassing him. Ref makes Van Acker take off his shirt, and you know, props to Ref for keeping in excellent shape. Van Acker is trying to crawl away, but only half-heartedly. I guess the opening question was answered: Van Acker likes to be painfully dominated and emasculated. You’ll be impressed by Ref’s massive, ripped bicep as he puts on a chinlock that won’t stop. But that’s just a taste of what Ref has in store, including tying up Van Acker’s wrists behind his back. Trust us, you will enjoy the show. 

Run-time: 20 minutes, 11 seconds

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