Jacob Van Acker vs. Nick Justice

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Handsome Jacob is making a name for himself as one of the hottest rookies in town. Epic poems could be written about his flawless body, big biceps, hairy chest and pits, and that camera-ready face of his. Even longer, more detailed epic poems will be written about his pathetic jobber ass, and the many, many ways it’s been thrown around, slammed, crushed, cradled, and destroyed. The dude can’t catch a break, and Nick Justice is easily the worst sadist to lay hands on the pretty boy rookie. 

Jacob is thrown over the ropes into the ring, choked, strangled, punched in the eye, thunder-fisted in the gut repeatedly, pressed against the turnbuckles, and body slammed like a pathetic pillow. With every scream and begging cry of pain, Justice just gets meaner, prying Jacob’s jaw open with his bare fingers, cranking him backwards by his chin, and pile driving his head into the floor. 

Jacob tries to crawl away, only to discover Justice has a hold of his pretty hair, which the hot heel uses to pull the boy into a cruel choke hold. As Justice squeezes, he strokes the kid’s hair and face almost tenderly, lulling him into a place of comfort, before twisting his arm, crushing his balls, and humping the hell out of his face and burying it balls-deep between his tightly clamped thighs!  

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 12 seconds

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