Jacob Van Acker vs. Gabe Steele (Unleashed)

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Jacob’s pretty. Nobody will deny that. With a perfectly proportioned body and a Hollywood ready face, he ought to be primed for wrestling stardom. But his skills in the ring have yet to be proven, and with every warmup, his physical inflexibility betrays him. Still, this lightly hairy hunk is ready for a fisticuffs fracas with Gabe Steele. 

Steele is a specialist. Beefy body, beautiful brown skin, broad smile. Decked out in his red, white, and blue, star-strewn gear, this beefy brute may look friendly, but he’s a secret sadist, and Jacob’s the twig he’s about to snap. Steele grinds his sexy belly into Jacob’s back, then serves up a feast of armpit sweat as he slides the punk into a backbreaker that exposes the jobber’s bouncing junk for the camera. 

Fists fly, arms twist, boots stomp, and Gabe Steele unleashes new levels of power, control, sadism, trash talk, and a savage facesit. Jacob is practically pulled apart, hairy armpits spread wide open in vigorous holds that will make you shudder. It’s non-stop action in a climactic squash job that proves once and for tall that pretty boy looks ain’t everything. 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 31 seconds

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