Jacob Van Acker vs. Drew Harper (Missing Pieces)

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Here we jump right into the action as Jacob Van Acker has Drew Harper down on the mat.  Slapping on a full nelson, Jacob eventually throws Drew into the ropes and Drew responds with a clothesline to Jacob's chest, downing the stud wrestler.  While down on the mat, Drew sets upon the hurting Van Acker, and pulls back on his head while he pulls up on his trunks, delivering a wedgie to the hurting grappler.
Finally letting him back up Drew gives him a little of his own medicine by putting Jacob in a full nelson.  Screams of pain go unheeded until Drew finally releases the hold, forcing Van Acker to fall to the ropes.  A swinging leg and Drew is again on the mat, where he is dragged to the corner and placed lying so Jacob can deliver kicks to the prone wrestler's chest.  
Drew always has the great equalizer of a low blow at the ready though and he takes this opportunity to use it, and down goes Jacob, however temporarily.  Recovering quickly, Jacob gets his impressive legs around the head of Drew and squeezes until Drew finally succumbs and slips off to the land of Nod.  Standing victorious over his downed opponent, Jacob Van Acker has made the great Drew Harper into something he seldom is, a wrestling loser.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  6 minutes, 41 seconds

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