Jack Dillon vs. Tristan Mounts

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Jack Dillon is in the ring in his unicorn bathrobe stretching when he is rudely interrupted by Tristan Mounts.  Tristan seems to have a chip on his shoulder, because he doesn't take too kindly to Jack and begins to endlessly belittle him.  When Jack has had enough, he demands a match, which suddenly Tristan is not too keen to have.  Trying to back away, Tristan instead finds himself thrown across the ring repeatedly by his hair as a match between the pair begins in earnest.  Tristan has experience in underground wrestling, however, and a well delivered low blow brings Jack to his knees on the mat, ready for Tristan to take advantage.  
Jack shows some resilience of his own as after he is the recipient of a couple of chest slaps and kicks to his leg, he quickly turns things around with some pro style blows to Tristan's head and then some chest chops of his own.  This causes Tristan to again re-evaluate his situation and declare he has to get out of the ring.  Before he can escape, however, he finds himself on the receiving end of more chops and a body slam onto the sandals he wore into the ring.  The action spills outside of the ring and before long each wrestler is kicking and chopping and delivering blow after blow to their opponent.
Both know they can't win outside the ring though and so they return to the only place they can notch a victory.  Feeling comfortable with each other, they now know what they can expect from each other, and while each is able to at times control the action, their opponent is soon able to turn the tide and regain the advantage.  It appears that they are too evenly matched, until a final sharpshooter forces one to finally submit to the other.  While one may have gained the win, it appears as if both have actually gained respect for the other wrestler as they decide to hug it out after the bout.  An unusual ending to an action packed and well executed match!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  24 minutes, 13 seconds

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