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Logan Scion versus Shawn Duncan

Sometimes in these hotel wrestling matches there is a certain catalyst that causes the two combatants to go at one another:  someone has eaten someone else's food, someone has decided they were going to steal the remote and only watch what they want to, someone wants the bed and the other person won't give it up.  And sometimes, as in this video, the actual cause is just that the two want to wrestler. 

We open on an empty bed, and soon, both Logan and Shawn come in from opposite sides of the camera.  Before long, they are chest to chest, each oozing testosterone.  One person makes a move too quickly or too threateningly, and the match between the two is on.  

Shawn is reminiscent of Roman Reigns with his tribal tattoos, and frequent viewers of W4H know that he has a long history of grinding it out with opponents.  Logan less so, but he seems to give as good as he gets, and manages to pull, twist and bend Shawn in new and unique ways that leaving Shawn breathing heavily.  Shawn manages to come back though and soon he has pounced on Logan and placed him in several painful holds as well.  It is a well executed variation on a dragon sleeper that is the winner here though, and soon one of the pair is snoring on the mattress. 

As to which one that might be, well, you'll have to watch to find'll be glad you did!

Total running time:  21 minutes, 20 seconds

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