Iceman vs. Wes Ratchett

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Wes Ratchett is as unpredictable as a wrestler can get. His tatted and cut body tells a story of agility and aggression, while his face tells a tale of sleepy, passive amusement. Golden-haired Iceman is all muscle and attempted menice, but he’s never locked up with an opponent like Ratchett.

Slippery fingers slap at bare skin, heads plow into guts with all the energy of a raging bull, arms and legs are used as torture devices, and Iceman is forced into one humiliating hold after another. With each tap out Ratchett becomes more brutal, and that unstable smile only grow. Soon he’s crushing Iceman’s windpipe with his own arm and ordering the blonde bro to cry like a baby. Iceman collapses, a vision of poetic patheticness with armpits exposed and balls ripe for the crushing.

Suddenly, Iceman finds his strength, using every ounce of muscle he can muster to crush Ratchett from behind, making the maniac sweat, moan, and flex his impressive thigh and chest muscles. Within seconds, legs are linked in a double figure four that leaves both wrestlers screaming in extreme, stubborn agony. Even our ref can’t break these two brawlers apart! It’s anybody’s game...and even our ref is gonna regret involving himself in this sweaty, stunning submission scrap!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 11 seconds

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