Hypno Mind vs. Dr. Brock

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Step into the twisted world of Dr. Brock, where superheroes become pawns in his diabolical schemes! In his ominous laboratory, the unsuspecting hero, Hypno Mind, finds himself ensnared, his powers drained and his will shattered by the nefarious doctor. With a fiendish grin, Dr. Brock injects himself with stolen abilities, transforming into a formidable foe who uses mind control and hypnosis his opponent.

A spine-tingling descent into darkness as Dr. Brock wields the hypnotic might against the once-mighty hero. Witness the harrowing showcase as Hypno Mind is forced to obey every command, subjected to unimaginable trials that push the boundaries of his endurance. Stripped of his heroic guise, he becomes a vulnerable vessel for the doctor's sinister whims, enduring torment and humiliation at the hands of his newfound master.

Dr. Brock is the Master over his new slave, tormenting him by placing clothespins on his nipples and stripping him to a thong before punishing the bulging (and growing) cock of the goodie. It is then that he secures multiple clothespins to the penis and balls of the helpless hero.

There is a sense of sexual desire in the air.

Explore the depths of mind control and domination as Dr. Brock revels in his newfound power, relishing every moment of control over the hapless hero. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 31 seconds

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