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Collin versus Drew Harper (Part 2)

Part 1 of this matchup did not go well for Collin as Drew pretty much had his way with the young wrestler.  Can he turn his fortunes around in Part 2?  Our magic eight ball says "Outlook negative".  Dragged into the bathroom, Collin finds himself pinned once more against the wall, Drew delivering blow after blow to his midsection.  Soon Drew takes on of the bathroom towels and uses it to choke his opponent.  Down on his knees in the bathroom, a leg scissors around his head helps to restrict the blood flowing to his brain, further disorienting Collin.  Maybe now Drew is done?
Hardly.  Drew drags Collin back into the main living space and throws him back onto the bed, setting him up for more punishment.  There is no part of Collin's body the Drew spares and does not offer some sort of pain as a way of fully exerting his dominance over the young Collin.  Finally (maybe mercifully?) Drew firmly plants his foot on Collin's throat, blocking the air getting to Collin's lungs and leaving Collin sleeping on the bed, having been through what can only be described as one of the most embarrassing experiences in his still young wrestling career.
Total running time:  7 minutes, 16 seconds

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