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Collin versus Drew Harper (Part 1)

We start our video already in action with Drew Harper dragging Collin into his bedroom in a headlock claiming, "You wanted to see my bedroom, here it is....".  What follows is a lopsided one way beatdown of the athletic Collin.  Collin doesn't get to see much of Drew's bedroom (except for the ceiling since he spends the majority of his time on his back.  Arm bars, leg scissors, boston crabs and more all serve to breakdown Collin's defenses and deliver pain i would say Collin has seldom experienced.  Although he manages a turnaround at one point, it is so short-lived that it barely even counts on any offense whatsoever.  Drew almost immediately turns the tables back on Collin.
And Drew is no where near being down with the young grappler.  A hand full of Collin's throat as he pins him against the wall, blows to Collines abs all continue to pain.  Is there any way that Collin can manage to take the upper hand and get the advantage?  Or will Drew continue his dominance over the red haired wrestler and even further the pain and suffering being dished out?  You will have to watch the second part of this winning bout to find out!!!
Total running time:  13 minutes, 38 seconds

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