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Vinny versus Christian

Take two Alpha males, put them in a small confined space and what do you have?  You have the ingredients for a knock down, drag out battle for superiority. 

So when Vinny and Christian both find themselves in the same hot tub, you can bet that there will be a fight for territory, since both want the hot tub for themselves.  Christian is in the tub first, but is soon joined by Vinny, who interrupts Christian's peace and quiet.  When water starts to get splashed in faces, the battle is truly on, and before long, there are choke holds, suffocating, heads shoved and held underwater and lots of blows to the backs and midsections of our two grapplers. 

Christian (who seems to always make love to the camera and virtually wants to get naked in almost every video he is in) seems worse off of the two, as Vinny does whatever he needs to to gain the upper hand.  Christian is not without his moments though, and Vinny definitely knows he is in the battle of his life.  In the end, both men do remain in the hot tub, but one is resting and relaxing, enjoying the soothing jets of the tub, while the other is virtually unconscious in the other corner, having been the loser of the battle for superiority. 

Two great looking studs, going wet and wild just for you!  You will definitely enjoy this!
Total running time:  20 minutes, 35 seconds

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