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Johnny Greco versus Shatter

All Johnny Greco wants is to enjoy some time in the hot tub.  A nice relaxing time to give him muscles some time to rejuvenate and get some TLC.  Shatter however, has a different idea.  He enters the tub and immediately the pair start jabbing at one another about why Shatter always wears a mask, or about Greco's dumb sign about the hot tub rules.  As Shatter is pointing out the sign, he blindsides Greco and goes immediately for a choke on the unsuspecting Greco.  Shatter then begins a series of attacks on the muscular Greco, applying a camel clutch in the hot tub, taking a few shots to Greco's head and applying hold after hold.  His forgets one major thing though - when facing someone who outclasses you in the power and muscle categories (which Greco clearly does), you must put them down quickly, for they are sure to rise up against you in retaliation. 

Greco manages to turn the tables, and soon it is Shatter who is on the receiving end of powerful blows from Greco.  Choking Shatter over the edge of the hot tub, Greco manages to finally dispose with Shatter and begins the task of taking care of what started the whole mess - Shatter's mask.  As he undoes the laces in the back, will we get to see the face of Shatter before the end?  Or will his identity remain a mystery?  You'll have to watch to find out!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 27 seconds

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