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Raphael versus Gabe Steele

Different wrestlers have different pre-match rituals.  Some like to just stretch.  Some like to just relax and wait for their opponent to enter, giving off a nonchalant air to the match,  For Raphael, he likes to get the blood flowing by doing some pre-match pushups.  Only problem?  While he is doing them, his opponent, Gabe Steele, comes in and immediately places his large boot int he center of his back, preventing Raphael from completing his workout.  This is followed by Gabe trapping Raphael between his python like legs, slapping on a camel clutch and otherwise punishing the young grappler. 
Raphael is not without some grit, however, as he continuously rallies after being down to post some offense against the veteran.  But Gabe has come a long way since his first days and he knows that a match is not won or lost in a single moment, but rather in a series of moves and holds that serve to defeat a wrestler.  And defeat Raphael Gabe does, notching submission after submission from the outclassed stud, once in a camel clutch, another time through a leg scissor, and the finally in a sleeper hold as Raphael's head is virtually crushed between Gabe's thighs. 
It's all a lesson for Raphael.....pre-match routines are great, but if they don't prepare you for the actual match, it is all for naught.  Hopefully Raphael will have learned this before his next encounter!


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