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Cal Hansen versus Daddy Texas

Cal Hansen seems to like posing, showing off his physique.  Who can blame him?  If I had a body like that, I would love to do the same.  When he gets interrupted by Daddy Texas, he doesn't take to kindly to the intrusion and soon places Daddy into a full nelson.  This moves to a brief sleeper and then a straight out choke until he pushes Daddy to the floor.  Cal decides he wants to work on Daddy's neck and lower back while the big man is prone on the floor, and so he applies a series of moves from a camel clutch to a boston crab, to a half crab and then simply a leg lock....all of which leaves Daddy in pain.
There should be a saying in underground wrestling, "A change of fortunes is just a lowblow away", because it is a blow to the crotch of Cal than is delivered by a kneeling Daddy Texas that suddenly has Cal writhing in pain and gives Daddy the opening he needs to gain the advantage.  Daddy goes right to work and applies a full nelson and choke holds himself, followed by an extended head scissor on the prone Cal that leaves him teetering between the waking and the sleeping.  A reverse and then front bearhug continues to sap Cal and deprive him of much needed air.
However, what is good for the goose is good for the gander and as Daddy is posing for the camera, delighting in his handiwork, Cal returns the lowblow favor and once again, Daddy is down for the count.  More camel clutches are applied and Cal turns up the trash talking to an 11.  It is not long before a final sleeper hold is applied to Daddy while he is in the camel clutch that sees the big Texan fade away from the bout into dreamland and allows Cal to claim the victory with some well placed feet on the loser's chest.  Two very well built individuals going at it tooth and nail in this one, and you are the winner!
Total running time:  23 minutes, 41 seconds

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