Hollywood 5-Way

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A Battle Royale for the ages!  

Five pumped up and hot wrestlers go at it in the locker room, but there can only be one who ultimately comes out on top.  Max Faber and Ace Owens lead off, and Max makes quick work of the college boy hunk. One after another the other wrestlers jump onto to the mat in their quest for dominance. Lucky is even less successful in his attempt to take down Faber and is out.   Barefoot Cali Boy proves to have the skills and toughness to make a dent in Faber's domination, but Reyes, also barefoot, puts the pretty boy in his place. That allows the hyper completive Ace to jump back in.  And all this happens in the first 10 minutes of an epic battle.

Soon, all bets are off as the combatants ruthlessly battle each other in increasingly brutal matches.  The screams of agony become louder as the fighting becomes more intense and the holds become more painful.  The wrestlers on the sidelines can't help but smirk at the beatings being dished out. The smack talk gets more personal as one guy after another another gets attacked.  Finally, it all comes full circle and Ace and Max go at it for the final kill.  Cocky Ace is determined to destroy Max and trash talks him.  But Max Faber is not to be trifled with.  Ace is utterly humiliated and destroyed in front of the other wrestler who taunt him without mercy.  

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 33 miniutes, 13 seconds

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