Hero Torture: The Movie (Part 4)

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With one hero completely under his spell, Destructo has now placed his partner on his deadly table, and before long, thrusts a "Maximum Impact" soaked rag into this face forcing our hero to breathe in the deadly concoction.  Before long he is unconscious, but upon being awakened, he, just like his partner, is completely under the villain's control.  Forced to twist his own nipples and grab his own balls, this just bring pure elation to Destructo, who doesn't want our hero to have all the fun, and so grabs our hero's balls as well.  The punishment is just beginning.
Destructo seems to experience special pleasure just by rendering out hero unconscious.  Constantly sending him to dreamland, either through the application of Maximum Impact or through good old fashioned sleeper holds, the maniacal laughs grow ever louder as all the energy and resistance drains from our hero until he is no longer a member of the waking world.  Clad all in black, our hero's balls are once more given a work-over by Destructo until all our hero can produce is a low, muted groaning from the pain of the hold.
Destructo finally produces a large rope and you can see by the look in his eyes that he has plans, big plans for our hero and the rope.  Tying his hands behind his back, our hero is soon hogged tied and left to his own devices as the villain, finally satisfied that he has delivered the message to the heroes he wanted to, decides it is time for him to take his stolen booty and move along.  I can only hope that any other heroes don't come upon Destructo as I am not sure they will live to tell the tale and may find that their crimefighting days are over.  A complete destruction of two heroes by a sadistic villain!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  11 minutes, 13 seconds

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