Hero Torture: The Movie (Part 3)

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When last we left our team of heroes, one was left unconscious on Destructo's diabolical table, while his partner had just appeared to challenge our villain.  As the two leapt at each other in combat, the advantage moved from one combatant to the other and then back again.  Little did our newest hero realize that his partner was under the control of our villain, and so when he is attacked by his former partner, the tides turn to the side of our villain, an advantage that he refuses to give back up.  Now, with a 2 on 1, there is no stopping our villain.
Ordering his slave back to the table, Daddy Jax now works on destroying his newest toy.  Head locks, leg scissors, back breakers all work to soften up our hero.  While holding one hero over his back, our villain orders his slave off the table, to his knees and then makes him kiss his boots.  Back to the table for one hero while the other is then put into a Boston Crab, followed by a bearhug and then a lifting chokehold.  Forcing his slave to put his former partner to sleep, Destructo then puts his slave to sleep as well.  From here, the dastardly villain shows his true power.
Taking both heroes on at once, our villain has little problems keeping control of them both and then bringing even further punishment.  A double bearhug followed by slamming the two together daze each so that our villain can take a moment to choke each hero out.  When both are once again unconscious, the evil mist once again does its thing, swarming over the prone heroes, engrossing them in its devilish fog, claiming them as its own. 

With now two heroes to play with, what will Destructo do next?  Can anything save them from whatever evil fate awaits them? 

Check out the 4th and FINAL episode to find out!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  17 minutes, 01 seconds

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Donevan is the perfect man!

I am fascinated by all Donevan's beauty and sculptural body. All of your musculature, your chest, your arms, your SPECTACULAR bulge and your MAGNIFICENT ass are more perfectly crafted by nature than all the Greek Gods.

And after watching the videos of him being subdued and humiliated by his opponents, I find myself imagining myself as a sadistic, erotic Villain with hypnotic strength and powers, and envisioning a million terrible things I would do to a Donevan wholly subjugated to my will and more sordid desires. Donnevam had to live in Brazil! LOL...

I completely agree with Roger's review, on May 05,2023.
And you guys should do more videos with Donevan being mistreated by villains and opponents as handsome as he is, but with powers to subdue him in some way. I will buy ALL videos of this beautiful boy.

Bring On The Finale!

Whew, part 3 certainly picks up right where part 2 left off! I really liked how it started as a 2v1 on our new hero and then quickly turned into a 1v2 with our favorite Villain Destructo manhandling both heroes! Once again, though, we end on a cliffhanger! This whole series is genius, it’s made me SO impatient to see what happens next.

Evil villain vs hot heroes

The story continues to unfold. Donevan faces off against Destructo in an attempt to rescue his partner from the villain’s spell. Tanner is fully under Destructo’s control and attacks Donevan whenever commanded. Hot sleeper of Donevan and then Tanner! How will the series end? Will the vapors at the end of part 3 break Destructo’s spell over Tanner? Or will both Tanner and Donevan be under Destructo’s control? Stay tuned for part 4!

Two handsome heroes manhandled by a mighty villain!

I love this series and I hope you will do more like it. The heroes are both very hot and the villain is appropriately massive!
The set is relatively small but very impressive for the atmosphere it gives to the heroic action.

I am sorry that there is only one more episode but please consider bringing thais same cast back for another double hero-bust.
What I want to see:
(1) Donevan has not yet been stripped to his underwear (maybe some white briefs to symbolize the purity of his spirit (and maybe his virginity :) )?
(2) Are the heroes meant ot be partners in only a professional sense or are they lovers? Either way, they could be forced to kiss by the wicked Destructo!
(3) I don't know if this is possible without actually hurting someone, but the villain could hold a hero upaside down in the air, with the other hero lying stunned under him. Then the naughty bearded muscleman could bang the dangling hero's head onto the balls of the helpless guy on the floor.

Ok, I know... time to wrap this up!
Thanks for making this series! It is so different from most of the other videos that are out there.

Viktor Trubble
Donevan, betrayal and a stacked sleeper!

This villain knows what he wants, and it appears to be helpless muscle heroes. Great job Hero Hunks! Fantastic knockouts, plenty of vulnerable muscle and and a cameraman that's not afraid to get in close. Looking forward to the next episode.

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