Hero Torture: The Movie (Part 2)

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At the end of our first episode, our hero had been captured by our dastardly villain and subjected him to his deadly mist.  As we open episode 2, our hero is now strapped to Destructo's sadistic table, unable to free himself or in anyway defend against the villain.  Struggle as he might, the straps are too tight for our hero to do anything to try and escape. 
As our villain appears once again, this time he brings with him one of his newest concoctions, "Maximum Impact".  What does it do?  Our hero is about to find out as he has a Maximum Impact soaked towel shoved into his face, breathing in the deadly mixture.  Within moments, he is unconscious on the table.
However, when he awakens, he suddenly finds that he is under his captors control.  Forced to refer to him as, "Master" our hero is humiliated by being forced to slap himself in the face, sadistically twist his own nipples, and then pull on his balls relentlessly until he is screaming in pain.  All the while, Destructo laughs in jubilant appreciation for how he has lowered this hero to a mere plaything.  Given another dose of Maximum Impact, once more our hero falls into unconsciousness.  When he is awakened, this time it is our villain who is delivering blows to his midsection.
It appears as though our hero may never again have his own free will as a third dose of Maximum Impact is administered.  Totally without any ability to oppose the evil machinations of our villain, it is only when one of our hero's colleagues appears and challenges our villain that there is any hope of saving the fallen hero.  The pair lock in mortal combat, but we will have to await the third chapter of this tense drama to see if the heroes can win back the day or Destructo manages to cause another hero to fall by the wayside.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  10 minutes, 05 seconds

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