Hero Torture: The Movie (Part 1)

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What if there was a villain, so diabolical, so twisted that even the combined forces of multiple heroes could not defeat him?  As we enter our tale, Destructo is admiring some jewels and rare coins, determining the best way to abscond with them.  He has plans, big plans for what to do with his stolen booty, but it appears as though one of our heroes has a different set of plans, and letting the jewels and coins be taken is not one of them.  When he attempts to interfere with the villain's plans, he is met with a bag of heavy coins to the head driving him to the ground.
From there Destructo begins to slowly take our hero, with boots to the midsection, straight out chokes and continually having his head driven into the ground.  A devastating bearhug leads to a head scissor that drains the air from our hero.  When he is no longer able to offer any resistance, he is lifted on the shoulders of our villain and then draped across his knee in a brutal backbreaker.  Once more towering over our fallen hero, Destructo next applies a crushing full nelson and it is all over for hero except for the shouting, as he has nothing left to offer in the way of resistance.
But our dastardly villain is not done as he once again places our hero into a Boston Crab and then strips his down to just a small red shiny speedo.  Grabbing him from behind and then slapping on one final sleeper hold, now our hero finally succumbs to his punishment and loses consciousness, just as Destructo's deadly mist begins to enter into the scene.  Covering our fallen hero, what will the effects of this satanic fog have on him?  We are left wondering as we are invited to watch the next episode of this amazing hero vs. villain thriller! 
Move on to Part 2 to see what happens, if you dare!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  12 minutes, 55 seconds

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