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Drew Harper versus Johnny Greco

Sometimes is the smallest things that can cause an argument between two people.  Take Drew Harper and Johnny Greco.  Johnny comes into the bedroom to find Drew dead to the world with a can of Loco beside him, and an empty vaping cartridge on his chest.  No problem, right?  Wrong, because that vaping cartridge and Loco were actually Johnny's, and as Johnny put's it, "It's not the money, it's the fact they were mine."  Since Drew doesn't seem to have any money to give Johnny for what he took, Johnny decides to take a pund of flesh for payment instead.  Johnny is a model specimen of a guy.  Very muscular with thick thighs that Drew soon finds his head between as Johnny squeezes ever more tightly.  Johnny delivers blows to Drew's midsection and has Drew right where he wants him until Drew pulls out what he is most famous for.
As Johnny is coming at him, Drew delivers the lowblow that he is known for, and Johnny falls onto the mat in a heap of flesh.  Now it is Drew's turn, and he wastes no time giving everything that Johnny jad just dished out back to him.  Only he takes it one step further, and as Johnny's head is now stuck between Drew's thighs, Drew squeezes to the point where the blood stops flowing to Johnny's brain and he drifts off into unconsciousness, leaving Drew to count to 10 as Johnny snoozes on the bed.  Drew then remarks he is off to have Johnny's other Loco and Johnny will find that he is going to have to do some shopping when he wakes up.
Total running time:  22 minutes, 10 seconds

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