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Zach Altovito versus The Real Max K (Part 2)

At the end of Part 1, Zach had achieved the most success in his battle with the equally powerful Max K. 

Here in part 2, Max seems to have learned something from the first part and being the victim of two surprise attacks. 

As Zach is walking away, Max delivers a low blow that fells the big man and now it is time for Max to have some fun.  Naturally, Max goes to work with power move after power move until he finally is able to put Zach to sleep and then takes out his phone to make sure he posts on social media exactly how successful he was (and how unsuccessful Zach was). 

Two big men going at it tooth and nail and we are the beneficiaries of their efforts.  You won't want to miss this video!
Total running time:  9 minutes, 15 seconds

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