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Zach Altovito versus The Real Max K (Part 1)

Sometimes just being in the same space as someone is enough to cause friction that can eventually lead to open conflict between two people.  I think in the case of Zach Altovito and The Real Max K, I think what causes the most difficulties between the two is that are so similar. 

Both are big guys, with especially big upper bodies.  Both are similar in size and weight.  And both seem to have a chip on the shoulder.  The two start right in on the trash talk, but just when it seems that everything has calmed between the two, Zach surprise attacks Max from behind and slaps on a sleeper hold.  Getting enough air to protest but not to counter, Max soon finds that the deprivation of air is too much and fades from consciousness. 

When he is awakened the pair then decide to do a pose down, and as Max is posing for the camer, Zach slaps on a full nelson from behind again.  Max again goes down and at the end of Part 1 is sleeping on the floor. 

Can he mount a comeback in Part 2?
Total running time:  10 minutes, 59 seconds

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